Sepultura And Crowbar Rock Southport

Despite many lineup changes over the decades, the heart of Brazilian-born Sepultura remains fully intact, and that’s why so many people came out just to see them perform live. Not only were the fans eager to finally witness Sepultura again, but local legends Crowbar had joined them for the national tour.

Crowbar is no stranger to Southport’s stage as they make regular appearances here. You could probably say it’s their homestage. For this particular show opening up for Sepultura, Kirk Windstein decided to inject some history into the between-song banter. He explained that Crowbar toured with Sepultura in 2010, and they toured with the first band on the bill, Sacred Reich, way back in the early 1990s. They played songs off of their brand new release “Zero and Below” and also peppered in some classics. What was interesting about the latest album, Kirk explained, is that it was actually completely finished at the beginning of the pandemic, but they thought it was best to wait two years to release it. “It was worth the wait,” he growled. “Y’all want something heavy?!”

As the Samba drums built up excitement, Sepultura took to the stage with excitement, but little pageantry. They don’t need it. This storied band doesn’t need theatrics to put on a raging good show. Derrick Green growled and yelled forcefully in between having huge smiles. Andreas Kisser was a force to be reckoned with; his rich-sounding, blazing-fast style sounds like it could have come from Eddie Van Halen’s hands (RIP). I mean, can we have more whammy bars in this world, please?

“We came a long way to be here with you all,” Derrick said in his nearly movie villain-like voice. He said that the next song ” Means to An End” is about the bad things going on all around the world that need to end to which the audience roared in agreement.

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