Chris Jericho’s Fozzy Saves New Orleans

Fozzy has been going strong since the year 2000 (that’s 22 years!!). I think that it was safe to say there were at least a couple of fans in the audience who weren’t even alive yet when Fozzy was created. Even though the rock group began as a cover band known as Fozzy Osbourne helmed by guitarist Rich Ward with esteemed wrestler Chris Jericho as an occasional vocalist who called himself Mongoose McQueen, Fozzy has proved that they rock as hard as the many legendary bands that they once covered.

Trombone Shorty is Not Short on Sound

Troy Andrews was born to be a star. Hailing from the Treme neighborhood, the man who would come to be known as Trombone Shorty grew up surrounded by music. His family members are well-known musicians, and he was entranced by the second-line brass bands that would parade through his neighborhood. At the tender age of four, he took the stage next to rock ‘n’ roller Bo Diddley at Jazz Fest, and he was the leader of his own band before he turned 10. Trombone Shorty’s legacy is already known the world over, and it’s only set to grow stronger with each passing year.

How to Spend the Days in Between Jazz Fest Weekends

Whether you’re in town for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival or you’re a local taking some time off of work to enjoy the festival without interruption, you may feel at a loss about what to do on the three days between the two fun-filled weekends. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday can be just as fun as fest days if you know where to go to find live music, delicious food, and good times. 

Sepultura And Crowbar Rock Southport

Despite many lineup changes over the decades, the heart of Brazilian-born Sepultura remains fully intact, and that’s why so many people came out just to see them perform live. Not only were the fans eager to finally witness Sepultura again, but local legends Crowbar had joined them for the national tour.

Tool Comes Back to New Orleans

A round floor-to-ceiling fringe curtain slowly encircled the empty stage, shrouding it in intrigue and mystery. The arena suddenly went dark and an instrument began to play ominous sounds that electrified the crowd, and they immediately stood at attention.

Jinjer Breaks The Rules At House of Blues New Orleans

The House of Blues was sold out. The crowd inside was surging with barely an inch between any two people. It felt just like the old days again. It’s not surprising that this lineup would easily sell out. Each of the three bands have been notably crossing over into the mainstream just enough to bolster their fan bases without sacrificing the heaviness.