The Best Ways to Sneak Alcohol Into Jazz Fest

Disclaimer first and foremost: it is never advised to go against the rules of the event that you’re attending. The following information has been compiled in the case that you need to have your supplement drink (or something else) with you at an event or festival where you are disallowed from bringing in outside beverages.

If you’re coming down for Jazz Fest, here’s how you can avoid spending a small fortune on adult beverages on the inside. Don’t limit your New Orleans trip to just the fest, check out what to do in the days between Jazz Fest!

No Metal

Most of the large events that you’re going to will have metal detectors, so the first rule of flasking is to not have a metal container or any metal on the container. There are plenty of plastic or even silicone flasks that you can buy, and they are flexible which makes it even easier to conceal.

Body Parts

You’re going to have to put that flexible flask somewhere on your person because your bags are subject to search. Don’t dress in a manner that is incongruent to the event because you’ll be suspicious. For example, don’t wear a winter coat to a summer event just to hide a flask. I would suggest securing a flask your leg underneath your pants leg or shorts, and put the flask on the inside or back of your leg. A flesh-colored cloth bandage or some sort of fabric that looks like a leg brace could do the trick. The bra area is a good choice for ladies who are showing off most of their legs.

It may be an option for you to put it into your boot if are wearing rain boots because the fest grounds could become muddy, but I would still advise securing it to your leg to avoid it being seen.


If you want to spend a little extra on your device, you can buy a ready-made one. There are wearable flasks such as The WineRack (a sports bra with a bladder and a drinking tube) and The Beer Belly (a bladder with a drinking tube worn around the stomach that makes you look larger than you really are). But beware of metal that could be lurking in it that could lead to a lot of questions.

There are also stash items that you can use, but they risk being found out more than a wearable. Flask Tampons, The Wine Tote, The Bev-Brella, Binocular Flask, FlaskScarf are some of the options. The Sunscreen Flask is pretty fun to use, and it would be great for a beach day when you’re not allowed to bring glass on the beach. It could, however, be subject to being opened up and checked to see if it’s actually sunscreen at a festival.

Don’t Be Obvious

If you whip out the flask the second you get inside, you risk being booted out. Just because you completed the mission doesn’t mean you should flaunt it. Buy a drink from a vendor and keep the cup to pour your beverage into. Only pour the contents of the flask out of sight of security like in a portable toilet or in a thick crowd of people away from the stage.

Good luck to you on your journey! Remember to stay hydrated and in control of your faculties while you party.

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