On the Stage: The Bodyguard

Never having seen the film The Bodyguard, I wasn’t sure what to expect other than Whitney Houston music. I think that the film had a few more twists and turns than this more musical stage version, but we were privy to a story about a famous chanteuse who was being stalked by some creeper who sent her threatening letters. This spooky, deviant aspect was intriguing to me, being a fan of true crime stories, but this was, in fact, a love story.

Our singer had a hard exterior from years in the business taking blows; she hired a no-nonsense, yet somehow deep and charming bodyguard to protect her for her child’s sake. As the bodyguard got closer to the family, he noticed (as we all did) that the singer’s sister was sick of living in the shadows. Could she be the actual stalker?

But during some very interesting, finely choreographed slow-motion scenes, we see that the stalker is some random guy, and he’s aiming to kill. Just when we thought her sister was in cahoots with this guy, she ends up slain at his hands. We keep following this story, watching the singer avoid death with her bodyguard’s protection and falling deeply in love until a final battle seals their fate.

While the musical numbers were entertaining and the action scenes exhilarating, the show did seem to drag on a bit and scenes seemed redundant. The build-up of the jealous sister perhaps being involved then going nowhere really felt like a let-down. But overall, it was an entertaining show that Whitney fans would love.

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