The Mystery of the Lalaurie Mansion

The stately three-story home at 1140 Royal St. in the French Quarter has been a fixture since the mid 1800s. It currently sits empty and quiet with just a sign hanging outside and crumpled permit papers taped to the windows. The sign reads “The LaLaurie Mansion” in black, spooky type. Tour guides lead visitors to the corner of the building and recount the story of the mad Madame LaLaurie, the Creole socialite who afflicted unspeakable acts of torture on her slaves. That tale has stuck to the home throughout the decades, but some researchers don’t believe the hype created by the often dramatized accounts written in newspapers. Evidence suggests that the city vilified an innocent person.

The Spooky World of Stormy Daniels

Yes, that Stormy Daniels. Actress, model, and mom: Stormy Daniels is now a bonafide ghostbuster. Along with her crew, she’s storming across the country, seeking out the dead among us and collecting proof of their existence. Her unusual path to this vocation is full of twists, turns, and even terror.