Painting With a Twist Appears on ‘Undercover Boss’

Renee Maloney and Cathy Deano wanted to offer a solution to the citizens of Mandeville who were still reeling with depression after Katrina, and Corks and Canvas officially opened as a full-time business in 2007.

Getting Nerdy at Wizard World Comic Con 2017

The best thing about this particular comic con is that there’s truly something for everyone. You can magic, get a tattoo, meet a wrestler, and, of course, meet your favorite comic book creators and movie stars.

The Revivalists Ring in the New Year at the Orpheum Theatre

It’s been a decade since The Revivalists formed right here in New Orleans, but I think that just now, they’re hitting their stride. In 2016, Rolling Stone Magazine named them one of the 10 Bands You Need to Know. I concur; if you haven’t already fallen for this funky rock jam band, you need to run out and buy one of their albums right now.

Top 10 New Orleans Destinations for the Prudes in Your Life

We live in a vibrant, colorful and incredibly lively city. And though it’s hard to believe that there are people out there who don’t like this kind of place, we’ve all got someone in our lives who hates live music, is offended by drinking and late-night living and won’t even put salt on his food because it’s too spicy.

On the Stage: Lion King

Everyone knows about The Lion King, so I went into this show knowing the story line, but I was waiting with great anticipation to see what they would do for the visual effects and costumes. I was not whatsoever disappointed. 

8 Places to See and Be Seen

New Orleans has never been a city of trends. We may catch up on the occasional fad every now and then, but they’re short-lived and not taken very seriously.

Up on the Roof Gets Wind Blown

It was certainly a blustery evening atop the East Jefferson General Hospital parking garage. The night sky was beautiful, but the wind was blowing so fiercely that the beer from all over America and the world could hardly be kept in our cups, as delicious as it was.

Roots of Music Foundation Brinks the Brass

It’s beautiful to see so many people wanting to help out kids that our under-served by the educational system get a chance to shine and grow thanks to the community at large.

The Grand Reopening of Cafe Sbisa

Cafe Sbisa is the third oldest restaurant in the French Quarter; it’s over 100 years old. But they haven’t always featured the same menu as other old restaurants in the city have.

The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Windsor Court Hotel

The Windsor Court loves Christmas, and they always bring in this elegant family holiday in style. The annual Christmas Tree Lighting was packed with holiday cheer, and people were happy to nosh on the plethora of delicious cheeses, meats, holiday punch, and bubbly going around.

Annunciation’s New Look

Annunciation is a bright, comfortable, and lovely place in the midst of the Warehouse District. In the airy and pleasant bar and dining area, you will feel transported to a serene, yet friendly heaven with southern-inspired favorites to eat and drink.

On the Stage: Jersey Boys

Let’s just get the obvious question out of the way: Yes, this is my favorite Broadway show ever. Jersey Boys is one of the most popular shows to hit the stage because it’s certainly more adult than other shows as well as being historical in some aspects. 

Imbibe-Rewind: Seaworthy

Oysters are a necessity down here in New Orleans, although they are available in many part of the U.S. And the New York restaurateurs behind Seaworthy like to showcase the variety of oysters that this great country has to offer.

Whoop, Whoop, Whoopi Goldberg Live

Having been a fan of Whoopi Goldberg from her light-hearted film roles when I was a child to her more intellectual conversations on talk shows today, I was very excited to see what the illustrious Whoopi Goldberg had in store during this one-woman show.

Having Fun at Renaissance Festival

You might as well call me a Ren Festie. I’m a person who loves history, especially old European history. So the six weeks of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival are like a second home to me.

Discussing Deer and Beer at Sac a Lait

Sac a Lait was the proud host of a deer and beer-paired dinner on this December evening. The staff even went so far as to wear camo clothes to give us the full hunting experience.

On the Stage: Dr. Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I was raised to think of Christmas as the most happy time of year, and Christmas Eve is the most exciting night you’ll ever experience. While my opinions may differ from that in reality, there’s nothing more comforting than curling up on the couch with some hot chocolate (and liqueur) to watch those old Christmas movies that are so near and dear to my heart.

Papa’s Pilar Rum Explores the World of Hemingway at Palace Cafe

It was a taste of the Florida Keys at Palace Cafe on a steamy October Monday. As we sipped on expertly crafted cocktails that were brought to life through the research of author Philip Greene who wrote To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion

Voodoo Fest: Saturday

Voodoo Fest is so incredibly different than last year. We have beautiful weather, but the ground is so parched that people are basically tripping over roots and uneven ground all the time, so be careful if you head out! Don’t run for anything. The beautiful weather is also bringing really huge crowds out. It was harder to find a spot to chill out on this popular day; there are people everywhere almost like Jazz Fest, but still not quite as bad.

Voodoo Fest: Friday

Friday is my reconnaissance; it’s the day that I set aside to simply scan the perimeter and peruse the middle festivities to get my bearings, especially since the configuration is so different this year, and to see everything that there is lest I miss something in the insanity that can become any music festival of this scale. What did I find on my mission?

On the Stage: The Illusionists

I love magic tricks; I don’t care what anyone says. I sit in total awe watching card tricks, cup-and-ball tricks, and anything else a skilled, or even amateur, magician can throw my way. So when The Illusionists came to town, you can bet that I was first in line. 

The Mortuary Gets Scary

For nearly ten years, The Mortuary has been frightening the life out of its visitors, yet always leaves them wanting more. Attendees shriek with fear at the spooks walking around the entrance just scaring them to death with one glance.

On the Stage: The Sound of Music

When I was in junior high, I was forced to do a rather ridiculous dance to the “Lonely Goatherd” song from The Sound of Music, so I kind of hated the movie. But I’ll go see anything on stage; they’re the ones that have to dance to the song this time, not me. 

imbibe-rewind: Füd Bar

Lakeview, especially around UNO’s campus, has been in dire need of restaurants that aren’t serving fast food to broke college kids and will last more than six months. Places have come and gone, or hung quietly under the radar, but Füd Bar seems to be the first place in a long time that has created such excitement around it, and it’s not just because it’s new food in an under-served neighborhood.