Chris Jericho’s Fozzy Saves New Orleans

Fozzy has been going strong since the year 2000 (that’s 22 years!!). I think that it was safe to say there were at least a couple of fans in the audience who weren’t even alive yet when Fozzy was created. Even though the rock group began as a cover band known as Fozzy Osbourne helmed by guitarist Rich Ward with esteemed wrestler Chris Jericho as an occasional vocalist who called himself Mongoose McQueen, Fozzy has proved that they rock as hard as the many legendary bands that they once covered.

Trombone Shorty is Not Short on Sound

Troy Andrews was born to be a star. Hailing from the Treme neighborhood, the man who would come to be known as Trombone Shorty grew up surrounded by music. His family members are well-known musicians, and he was entranced by the second-line brass bands that would parade through his neighborhood. At the tender age of four, he took the stage next to rock ‘n’ roller Bo Diddley at Jazz Fest, and he was the leader of his own band before he turned 10. Trombone Shorty’s legacy is already known the world over, and it’s only set to grow stronger with each passing year.

The Mystery of the Lalaurie Mansion

The stately three-story home at 1140 Royal St. in the French Quarter has been a fixture since the mid 1800s. It currently sits empty and quiet with just a sign hanging outside and crumpled permit papers taped to the windows. The sign reads “The LaLaurie Mansion” in black, spooky type. Tour guides lead visitors to the corner of the building and recount the story of the mad Madame LaLaurie, the Creole socialite who afflicted unspeakable acts of torture on her slaves. That tale has stuck to the home throughout the decades, but some researchers don’t believe the hype created by the often dramatized accounts written in newspapers. Evidence suggests that the city vilified an innocent person.

Sepultura And Crowbar Rock Southport

Despite many lineup changes over the decades, the heart of Brazilian-born Sepultura remains fully intact, and that’s why so many people came out just to see them perform live. Not only were the fans eager to finally witness Sepultura again, but local legends Crowbar had joined them for the national tour.

Chris Owens: The Queen of Bourbon Street

“I was asked [about retiring] after my husband passed away in ’79. Eric Paulsen, from Channel 4 at that time, said, ‘Do you plan on retiring?’ I said, ‘Retiring? I feel like I just got started!” says Owens.

Ministry And Corrosion of Conformity Take Down Fillmore New Orleans

The Fillmore was brimming with excitement. Though Corrosion of Conformity and The Melvins are fairly regular acts in New Orleans, Ministry is not. The industrial outfit’s last visit to the Crescent City was back in 2015. Though the Melvins were not able to make the show, we found out as COC was playing, the show was no less thrilling.

Tool Comes Back to New Orleans

A round floor-to-ceiling fringe curtain slowly encircled the empty stage, shrouding it in intrigue and mystery. The arena suddenly went dark and an instrument began to play ominous sounds that electrified the crowd, and they immediately stood at attention.

The Meaning of Mardi Gras

Christmas movies often contain lines about the true meaning of that holiday and how the spirit of it is the most important aspect. There aren’t many Mardi Gras movies out there, but the characters in such a film would surely have a similar moment of reflection. Before that Mardi Gras movie gets made, let’s talk to locals about what Mardi Gras means to them.

Take A Tour Of The Virgin Hotel New Orleans

The new Virgin Hotel New Orleans opened with great fanfare some weeks ago when Sir Richard Branson himself paraded down the street with the famed St. Augustine Marching 100 supporting him. Now that the Virgin Hotels has settled in, it’s time to get to know it a little better.

Exhorder Revisits Their Debut Album

I’ve seen Exhorder many times, but there was something so interesting about this show. This concert was a tribute to their own record Slaughter in the Vatican, released in 1990, and this show was a history lesson about the making of the record and the early days of Exhorder. So pull out your pen and notebook, and write down your lesson for the day.

NOJO Wows At The Big Beat Gala

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra seems to be celebrating a rebirth just shy of its 20th anniversary. After a couple of major hurricanes, a global pandemic, and more, NOJO has withstood several adversities only to come out stronger than ever. As NOJO is able to perform in front of live audiences again, they performed select works of the late, great Allen Toussaint for the Big Beat Gala at their home on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard.

Jinjer Breaks The Rules At House of Blues New Orleans

The House of Blues was sold out. The crowd inside was surging with barely an inch between any two people. It felt just like the old days again. It’s not surprising that this lineup would easily sell out. Each of the three bands have been notably crossing over into the mainstream just enough to bolster their fan bases without sacrificing the heaviness.

The Spooky World of Stormy Daniels

Yes, that Stormy Daniels. Actress, model, and mom: Stormy Daniels is now a bonafide ghostbuster. Along with her crew, she’s storming across the country, seeking out the dead among us and collecting proof of their existence. Her unusual path to this vocation is full of twists, turns, and even terror.

Gojira Shows Fortitude At Civic Theatre

Ten years ago, I interviewed Gojira’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist Joe Duplantier in a tour bus parked in front of The Hangar. Since that time, the band has crossed over from metal nearing the mainstream, inviting in a wide array of listeners and fans that prompted Gojira to headline The Civic Theatre, which they easily sold out. Gojira has experienced rapid growth in the last couple of years, finally earning the recognition they deserve in and outside of metaldom.

The Hu Conquers New Orleans

The Huns were nomadic warriors who conquered lands from central Asia to western Europe in the 300s and 400s AD. Their best known leader Atilla was so ruthless that the Romans and Visigoths formed a joint army to fight off The Huns in 452 during The Battle of the Catalaunian Fields, but The invading army broke through and pillaged Gaul anyway.

Boneghazi: Scary Sounds for Sad People

It was the NOLA Horror Film Festival 2019. The Prytania Theater had a small, scattered audience waiting to watch the final film of the evening. Before that movie played, a band was set to perform. Having attended NOLAHFF in previous years, I was intrigued about seeing live entertainment, especially of the musical kind, between films. This particular band looked promising, too. The stage was set with a real coffin and tons of flowers. It looked like an actual funeral.

Band Room: New Orleans Featured on WGNO

Under the glow of tiki torches, she hosts a speakeasy-esque concert series in her own backyard. It’s an intimate view of live music, during a year when live music has been very much elusive. “I have been going to see concerts my whole life. I have never realized how much a musician needs an audience and how much an audience needs a musician,” says Emily Hingle.

Big Sam Brings Funk to The Royal Sonesta

How do you keep an interactive, energetic entertainer like Big Sam of Big Sam’s Funky Nation from getting into the crowd as he performs to them? While we must stay socially distanced from each other, Big Sam has found a way to reach into his frenzied fans with his trusty trombone once a week.

Shaking and Baking: Big Freedia’s Garden Cookout

It’s no secret that the other major passion of bounce artist Big Freedia is cooking. Since COVD-19 hit and tours got canceled, she was able to delve deeply into her passion of cooking in front of an audience by hosting the Garden Cookout in City Park’s Botanical Garden Kitchen. Since June, Freedia has cooked multi-course meals for her guests, and this is just the beginning of something new. “I want to open my restaurant called Freedia’s. I definitely want to transition into something bigger, and hopefully I get a cooking show on a network where I’m doing something different that no one else has done with their cooking show. I’m just excited to do new and different things exploring the food world.

SaxKixAve Brings it to the Backyard

It’s 5:45 on a perfect Saturday, Fall weather has just arrived, and I’m sitting outside listening to SaxKixAve, a new project from rapper Alfred Banks and Albert Allenback of Tank and the Bangas, live in a concert for the Band Room Backyard Concert series. Life is good, and the thirty other people seated six feet apart in lawn chairs and on blankets seem to agree.

Louisiana Renaissance Fest is Back

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is back in action after uncertainty about if it could proceed due to COVID restrictions. While most of your favorite vendors and entertainers are back, there are some changes to the massive outdoor multi-week festival. All attendees must wear a mask to enter, and there are hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the festival. Social distancing was highly encouraged. Even the Washing Well Wenches, known to drag a couple of men onto their stage, had to adapt using mannequins instead of living, breathing men. That didn’t stop them from ogling them from afar.

Overkill Brings Thrash To The House of Blues

If you claim to be a metalhead and haven’t heard of Overkill, you either live under a rock or don’t really like metal all that much. This New Jersey thrash band started up in 1980 and have released a whopping 19 albums throughout their storied career. Finally, they made their way back to New Orleans and put on a memorable show that will last their fans here for years to come.

It’s A New Decade For The House Of Blues

During a star-studded evening, the House of Blues showed off some new renovations and menu items while also presenting facility upgrades that are soon to come. The Voodoo Garden in particular will be a new oasis perfect for lounging on a sunny afternoon or decadent night on the town. The new House of Blues has more food items including a vegan burger (which went amazingly with the French fry bar and mac-and-cheese station), a private dining area, and much more.

Double Dealer Opens Beneath The Orpheum Theater

Underneath the stately Orpheum Theater, you’ll find a decadent, dimly-lit, and devilishly fun new drinking hole called the Double Dealer. The multi-room speakeasy pays homage to the 1920s which was 100 years ago now. The walls of the entertainment area are lined with showgirl outfits of the period. If you prefer to have a more secretive conversation, you’re welcome to sit in one of the private booths. I could tell you where the door is to the underground bar, but where’s the fun in that?

The Big Wig Ball Brings Out The Wigs

The Sylvain Society Young Professionals annual Big Wig Ball was a stunning display of costumes, dance moves, and, of course, wigs of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some of the towering wigs were even too tall to go through the doorways of the stately Opera Guild Home on Prytania Street.

They Are Babes.XO

Gone are the days of Babes and Beignets, the luxury New Orleans and travel lifestyle brand built by Alessandra Madrid Soto and Maggie Robert some years ago. As the brand has progressed and grown, they have decided to rebrand as Babes.XO. The launch party took place at The Gallery on Magazine with two Seven Three Distilling cocktails, delicious beignets, and lots of costumes.

Incredible Cosplay At Wizard World Comic Con

Among the rows upon rows of comics, jewelry, original and fan art that made up Wizard World Comic Con were festooned fans young and young at heart. Superheroes, villains, furry creatures, and real icons from history were represented by those who spent hours perfecting their outfits. In true NOLA fashion, subkrewes from the Krewe of Chewbacchus were on hand to recruit new members.

Poppy Tooker Signs “Drag Queen Brunch” At Brennan’s

Local author and radio show host Poppy Tooker released her latest cookbook “Drag Queen Brunch” at Brennan’s Restaurant. The jam-packed event featured many of her drag queen friends who also lent recipes to the pretty-in-pink cookbook filled with new and classic New Orleans recipes and the colorful history of drag in the city. They were even able to pop some bubbly by sabering several bottles of champagne.