On the Stage: Lion King

Everyone knows about The Lion King, so I went into this show knowing the story line, but I was waiting with great anticipation to see what they would do for the visual effects and costumes. I was not whatsoever disappointed.

The show began with singers belting the African-language theme song from all corners of the theater. Slowly people in costumes great and small entered from the lobby doors. They were dressed as animals, and the craftsmanship was stunning. I can’t explain with my words how magnificent it was to see a woman take on the form of a leopard with incredibly real movements, how gorgeous and serene the giraffes looked, and how marvelous the soaring birds were. It was almost tear-worthy.

Through colorful musical numbers that were a filling feast for the eyes, plenty of comedic relief, and dramatic, gasp-inducing action scenes, the story of The Lion King that was such a big hit for Disney when it was a mere hand-drawn cartoon truly came to life in a transcendent way. It’s no wonder that this show has been running on Broadway for so long.

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