Whoop, Whoop, Whoopi Goldberg Live

Having been a fan of Whoopi Goldberg from her light-hearted film roles when I was a child to her more intellectual conversations on talk shows today, I was very excited to see what the illustrious Whoopi Goldberg had in store during this one-woman show.

What I immediately noticed was that Whoopi wasn’t doing stand-up comedy, though she was hilarious. She wasn’t recounting her life, though she spoke about many interesting stories from her life. She was just talking. And Whoopi knows exactly how to command an audience doing just that. Whoopi talked about her experiences dating younger guys and how sex is changing for her. She talked about her passion for the legalization of marijuana, and that time when she took way too many edibles and her daughter had to babysit her. She spoke about her mother and upbringing, and how she learned that lying about things is bad, but not having enough respect for the person you’re lying to to come up with a really believable lie is even worse. I laughed uproariously throughout the show, Whoopi is clearly a very open person, and seemed completely without pretense.

The second half of the show was open to the audience to ask her questions. While far too many people just approached the mic to gush to her, ask for a selfie which she always declined, some people had some great thinkers. One young comedienne, Julie Mitchell, asked who was Whoopi’s favorite person that she offended. Whoopi then recounted a funny tale about a journalist in Britain that despised her. After meeting this lady at a bar, they started having a few drinks and became good friends.

Whoopi Goldberg is a true, all-around entertainer, and I would love to catch her live on stage in the future!

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