8 Places to See and Be Seen

New Orleans has never been a city of trends. We may catch up on the occasional fad every now and then, but they’re short-lived and not taken very seriously.

Up on the Roof Gets Wind Blown

It was certainly a blustery evening atop the East Jefferson General Hospital parking garage. The night sky was beautiful, but the wind was blowing so fiercely that the beer from all over America and the world could hardly be kept in our cups, as delicious as it was.

Roots of Music Foundation Brinks the Brass

It’s beautiful to see so many people wanting to help out kids that our under-served by the educational system get a chance to shine and grow thanks to the community at large.

The Grand Reopening of Cafe Sbisa

Cafe Sbisa is the third oldest restaurant in the French Quarter; it’s over 100 years old. But they haven’t always featured the same menu as other old restaurants in the city have.

The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Windsor Court Hotel

The Windsor Court loves Christmas, and they always bring in this elegant family holiday in style. The annual Christmas Tree Lighting was packed with holiday cheer, and people were happy to nosh on the plethora of delicious cheeses, meats, holiday punch, and bubbly going around.

Annunciation’s New Look

Annunciation is a bright, comfortable, and lovely place in the midst of the Warehouse District. In the airy and pleasant bar and dining area, you will feel transported to a serene, yet friendly heaven with southern-inspired favorites to eat and drink.

On the Stage: Jersey Boys

Let’s just get the obvious question out of the way: Yes, this is my favorite Broadway show ever. Jersey Boys is one of the most popular shows to hit the stage because it’s certainly more adult than other shows as well as being historical in some aspects. 

Imbibe-Rewind: Seaworthy

Oysters are a necessity down here in New Orleans, although they are available in many part of the U.S. And the New York restaurateurs behind Seaworthy like to showcase the variety of oysters that this great country has to offer.

Whoop, Whoop, Whoopi Goldberg Live

Having been a fan of Whoopi Goldberg from her light-hearted film roles when I was a child to her more intellectual conversations on talk shows today, I was very excited to see what the illustrious Whoopi Goldberg had in store during this one-woman show.

Having Fun at Renaissance Festival

You might as well call me a Ren Festie. I’m a person who loves history, especially old European history. So the six weeks of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival are like a second home to me.

Discussing Deer and Beer at Sac a Lait

Sac a Lait was the proud host of a deer and beer-paired dinner on this December evening. The staff even went so far as to wear camo clothes to give us the full hunting experience.