Bringing in the Holidays at Jingle Bells and Beer

At least it was chilly for this holiday party. At City Park, the adults get to act like kids again during Jingle Bells and Beer.

On the Stage: Dr. Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I was raised to think of Christmas as the most happy time of year, and Christmas Eve is the most exciting night you’ll ever experience. While my opinions may differ from that in reality, there’s nothing more comforting than curling up on the couch with some hot chocolate (and liqueur) to watch those old Christmas movies that are so near and dear to my heart.

Papa’s Pilar Rum Explores the World of Hemingway at Palace Cafe

It was a taste of the Florida Keys at Palace Cafe on a steamy October Monday. As we sipped on expertly crafted cocktails that were brought to life through the research of author Philip Greene who wrote To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion