Voodoo Fest: Saturday

Voodoo Fest is so incredibly different than last year. We have beautiful weather, but the ground is so parched that people are basically tripping over roots and uneven ground all the time, so be careful if you head out! Don’t run for anything. The beautiful weather is also bringing really huge crowds out. It was harder to find a spot to chill out on this popular day; there are people everywhere almost like Jazz Fest, but still not quite as bad.

Voodoo Fest: Friday

Friday is my reconnaissance; it’s the day that I set aside to simply scan the perimeter and peruse the middle festivities to get my bearings, especially since the configuration is so different this year, and to see everything that there is lest I miss something in the insanity that can become any music festival of this scale. What did I find on my mission?

On the Stage: The Illusionists

I love magic tricks; I don’t care what anyone says. I sit in total awe watching card tricks, cup-and-ball tricks, and anything else a skilled, or even amateur, magician can throw my way. So when The Illusionists came to town, you can bet that I was first in line.¬†

The Mortuary Gets Scary

For nearly ten years, The Mortuary has been frightening the life out of its visitors, yet always leaves them wanting more. Attendees shriek with fear at the spooks walking around the entrance just scaring them to death with one glance.