imbibe-rewind: Füd Bar

The Füd Bar

Address: 1522 Robert E. Lee Blvd.
Hours: Tues-Sat 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

Lakeview, especially around UNO’s campus, has been in dire need of restaurants that aren’t serving fast food to broke college kids and will last more than six months. Places have come and gone, or hung quietly under the radar, but Füd Bar seems to be the first place in a long time that has created such excitement around it, and it’s not just because it’s new food in an under-served neighborhood.

Füd Bar is not a typical restaurant; it’s technically a cafeteria. But before you get thoughts of shuffling along behind a line of elderly folks at Piccadilly, Füd Bar is quite small and has a rotating menu of meats and sides along with Panini and wrap selections, and a fresh salad bar. One simply walks in, begins making their salad (or not), orders any specialty meats or sandwiches through a small window, and then you reach the hot food section where you can select your meat and three sides, or a one-pot dish like a pasta or frittata. You can also take advantage of their Grab N’ Go cooler where pre-prepared foods can be purchased immediately. Füd Bar also makes sure to make vegetarian versions of their one-pot dishes, soups and wraps.

When speaking to the extremely friendly and accommodating owners who were more than happy to explain every aspect of their business, they explained that they’ve lived in the neighborhood for many years and were simply tired of waiting for someone to open up a fast, easy, but gourmet restaurant in the area, so they did it themselves.

I went on a Sunday morning just before the ravenous church crowds let out. I had some very tasty and well-seasoned fish, creamy grits, sautéed vegetables, and garlic mashed potatoes. The chefs definitely know how to make use of their seasonings and oils; everything was incredibly flavorful and cooked to perfection. I do have the desire to go back when I see a new menu item pop up because I believe it will taste superb.

My fish (which was a thin fillet a little bit smaller than the size of my hand) was one of the more expensive items on the menu coming in at $14 which included the three sides. After a fountain drink and tip, I paid close to $20, so, in the future, I will probably choose a more filling and less expensive menu item, or a one-pot dish.

All-in-all, I enjoyed the owners’ enthusiasm, I enjoyed that they will serve their neighborhood well, and I thought that the food was pretty fantastic.

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